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Re: Terrible 3Dmark2001 scores on P3-S 1400 system

Hello! I have also a Fujitsu D1219 as Gex85 has. If I put a SL5QL 1266MHz Tualatin cpu into the mobo, it boots. I have also 2pcs 1400Mhz (one of them is SL6BY), but the mobo is not booting with them. Gex85, what CPU did you use, what was the cpu code? I have the latest bios, see top of the picture. …

Re: "Outrigger" OR840 build

ACPI Windows XP: the end? Yep. I ran into some trouble—finally—when attempting to replace the noisy Radeon 8500 with a GeForce4: after installing the nvidia drivers Windows would refuse to boot up just in the same way it refuses to do it when you force ACPI during install (POSTs, starts the boot up …

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