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Re: 100% New to DOSBox

You may think I should use the last computer because it has DOS already, but the size of my database and because it's on an old Bernoulli 90 MB disk makes it impossible at this moment. I do have 46 3.5-inch diskettes with another version of it, but they would also pose challenges using this older …

Re: Anybody still coding for DOS/Win16/Win32?

in Milliways
Sometimes those newer compilers have bugs with targeting older CPUs like 8086 because that support is tested by very few of the users, whereas older compilers that were mostly used on older CPUs are more likely to work, so newer isn't necessarily always 100% better. That might be the case and a …

Re: DOS programming tools

Are there any still maintained tools for DOS programming? Back in the days I used DJGPP with Allegro, they worked well but as far as I see the latest Allegro no longer supports DOS. I'm not yet sure if I want to develop on the actual vintage machine, maybe I should use emulator for testing, does …

Re: Anybody still coding for DOS/Win16/Win32?

in Milliways
Win95-targeting Win32's easy to hang onto with mingw gcc 4.7.2 After a lot of searching and trying to find the solution that will fit with what I want to do, I chose Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. I want to use the tools from that era (1992'ish). That's not the best choice if you ask me because of this: I …

Re: Memory for protected mode DOS games

in DOS
I always ALWAYS had to keep a cwsdpmi* or something like that in the same folder as several DOS exe files just to be able to run those properly, because else it would straight up refuse, like DBOY emulator. It should be enough if your PATH variable points to a folder containing cwsdpmi.exe …

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