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Re: IBM PS/1 SVGA Monitor with 9-Pin Connector

Well, I did some searching and found a cable on Amazon. "4.5 Feet DB 9 Pin Male to VGA 15 Pin Male Adapter Cable, RS232 to VGA Conversion Cable, YOUCHENG, for Computer,Printers, Scanners" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GYKSJZT It works! I just had to remove pin 9 from the adapter so it would fit in my …

Re: IBM PS/1 2155-593 Restoration

I went and pulled the trigger and bought an Am5x86-P75 AMD AM486DX5-133W16BHC. 169-pin chip with the voltage regulator to convert 5v to 3.45v. Plugged it in and worked perfectly. Crazy seeing 133mhz on this IBM PC. This thread has all the info you need for this chip https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic. …

Re: IBM PS/1 2155-593 Restoration

I know the original post is coming up on 2 years but I just got an IBM 2155a-c24 with the same motherboard. The screenshots of this restore have been helpful. I have a question about the 486dx processor. How many pins does it have? My computer has an SX chip soldered to the board with that socket …

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