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Re: What IRQ for General Midi in DOSBox?

You should use IRQ 2 But not many games really use IRQ for midi. Maybe it would be good to put a comment in the dosbox config file which mentions this in the Midi section? Something like: [midi] # Note: DOSBox General Midi uses base=330 irq=2 # mpu401 -- Enable MPU-401 Emulation. # intelligent -- …

What IRQ for General Midi in DOSBox?

My old Privateer game always asks for an io address and an irq when I set it up for general midi sound. It works seemingly no matter what irq I give it, but I just wondered if it matters, and what is the recommended setting? I use: io=0x330 irq=9 Should I set it to the same IRQ as the emulated SB16 …

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