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Last Linux version possible for legacy hardware

Could you advise me what is the last working Linux distro and version that is usable on below hardware? I thought that just current 32bit Alpine will fit it easily but it is not possible because of hell of SSE2 requirement. Then I wish to ask you when you have much more experience than I have. 1. …

OPTi 82c931 ISA in Windows 98SE

I have problem to run the card under Windows 98 with use of drivers provided in vogonsdrivers.org under 'OPTi 82C931 DOS/Win3.1/Win9x Drivers and User's Manual'. I did installation using setup.exe under Windows then DOS related drivers were installed together with autoexec.bat modifications. In DOS …

Re: DRAM upgrade on PCI graphic cards

yeah, thanks for advices, this did the job: https://i.ibb.co/1ZPxGsX/IMG-20220925-005751-MP.jpg and card still works after two times. Anyway it is still risky when you must put quite large force to take the module out. I did tests with putting modules in about half the socket depth. No success. When …

Re: DRAM upgrade on PCI graphic cards

I've got my order with set of 6 DRAM modules, about $10 for the entire set: https://i.ibb.co/LYFcmNg/IMG-20220923-190955-MP.jpg and upgraded both cards: https://i.ibb.co/0cdvv5K/IMG-20220924-184606-MP.jpg I'm now able to get 800x600x32 then 1,9MB that proves that the modules are not fakes. …

Re: DRAM upgrade on PCI graphic cards

In general this is interesting case bacause this document: http://www.bitsavers.org/components/s3/DB018-A_Trio64V+_Integrated_Graphics_Video_Accelerator_Jul95.pdf on page 58 (7-1) states that 4MB configuration is supported on Trio64V+. The only condition here is that this is supported for PCI when …

DRAM upgrade on PCI graphic cards

I have two PCI graphic cards: - S3 Trio64V+ installed DRAM modules are two HM514265CJ7 https://datasheet.datasheetarchive.com/originals/distributors/Datasheets-17/DSA-332346.pdf - Cirrus Logic GD5446-HC-A installed DRAM modules are two V53C16258HK60 https://datasheet.datasheetarchive.com/originals/ …

Re: Utilities under FreeDOS

in DOS
Thanks for advices. Now I know that I should stick to 'real' implementations. Do you know any place I can download MS/PC/DR-DOS and/or WfW 3.11 and/or Norton Utilities?

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