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Re: Descent on windows 98

in Windows
The only speed-related bugs I am aware of in Descent are that guided missiles are nearly impossible to dodge at higher framerates, and that some enemy fire rates are also tied to framerate. Other than that, as Ringding said, the faster the better. Out of curiosity, have you tried rebooting to DOS …

Re: Headers on Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500

That is very odd indeed! Which drivers are you using? I'm using version 2048 from Phil's Computer Lab (https://www.philscomputerlab.com/aureal-vortex-2.html), but it should also work with 2041 if I remember correctly. I'm using the 2015 driver because it works with DirectX 7.1 and higher. Could …

Re: Headers on Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500

Alright, here are the steps you need to unmute the MPU-401 output on your Vortex 2: 1) Open the volume panel by double-clicking the speaker icon in the system tray. 1-volume_icon.png 2) From the Volume Control panel, go to Options and choose Properties. 2-volume_panel1.png 3) Scroll down the list of …

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