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Re: Artifacting Voodoo5, Need Help

in Marvin \ Video
Are you in US? I would message this guy: https://www.youtube.com/@northwestrepair His skills are amazing, he re-balls and re-flows an RTX 4090 like it's nothing, he has a few videos on retro video cards, like a 9700PRO, I would assume a Voodoo5 would be temping for him.

Re: GeForce 2 Coolers

in Marvin \ Video
You can find vga cooler of pretty much any size you can image on ebay, just measure the distance between pins and do a quick search. A Geforce 2 shouldn't need anything fancy, anything modern and a fresh thermal paste will be good as new.

Re: I call it "poor man's Orpheus" :-)

keropi wrote on 2024-03-25, 14:37: no, PPL patches replace the stock GUS-classic compatibility ones and get loaded directly from games themselves or via ultramid Master keropi, since you showed up around here, what is your opinion on PPL? do you think it's an improvement over the regular patches? …

Re: I call it "poor man's Orpheus" :-)

Thanks for the comments guys. Crusher, Yes the patches gives different sound character in DOS games, and I'm my opinion it makes it better, I don't like the sound from the original patches. As far as I know the patches don't affect windows at all, for Windows you can use the 4MB patch from the GUS …

I call it "poor man's Orpheus" :-)

System specs: AMD K6-2+ 500Mhz Azza PT-5VMx VIA Apollo MVP3 128MB PC-133 MSI FX5200 AGP Generic IDE to SD converter with a 32GB SD Card Generic 250W power supply Generic ATX case Generic DVD/CD writer with SATA to IDE converter Generic 1.44MB floppy drive Creative Pebble 2.0 Speakers Samsung …

Re: Help with system

Looks more like the Chaintech 7NJL4, according to this review: https://prohardver.hu/teszt/nvidia_nforce2-es_alaplapok_tesztje/chaintech_7njl4_summit.html You can read the review using google translator. Funny enough the guy tested it with a Athlon XP 2500+ overclocked to 3200+ (changing only FSB to …

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