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Re: Causes for common VGA output artifacts?

I have considered taking a heat gun to the cards that have this problem... it is probably a lot safer than baking them. I do have a moderate success rate with baking computer parts though. I baked a Ti 4600 10-11 years ago and it brought it back around to working condition. Sometime after that I …

Re: Causes for common VGA output artifacts?

I just recently got a Diamond V770 (TNT2) and I'm seeing the exact same issues. Problem persists across different monitors(CRT and LCD), cables, and motherboards, all of which work fine on everything else. smear.jpeg My card doesn't have DVI as an option, so sadly a mod like that won't work here. …

Re: Best games for rush

Have you proplems like this with your card https://youtu.be/v8Q11Xpj7Mw https://youtu.be/_GT_s-IaxTI Too high memory clock - solve it with .inf file edit or registry patch. Do you know which file to edit , im new at voodoo cards :) That might not apply to your card. As I understand it, the drivers …

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