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Re: 15 FPS Doom 2 with Pentium MMX 200

in DOS
What is going on. Is this the best a Pentium MMX 200 can do? Is my memory from '94 rose tinted? Try increasing the ISA bus frequency in the BIOS SETUP (that is decreasing the clock divider). You may also try other FSB/CPU clock combinations, as to increase the ISA bus frequency, even if it slows …

Re: ISA sound card for Windows XP

These are the ISA sound cards I have on hand: SoundBlaster CT2290 - true OPL3 card, it's in my K6 system for now SoundBlaster CT4170 Vibra 16XV - fairly integrated card, CQM Aztech 138-MMSN855 - interesting card with a modem, but not sure how good it is Hi! CQM sounds very bad with FM music. I once …

Re: FLAC2WAV and WAV2FLAC [8088][286]

I'm wondering how long it takes to decode 1 minute of FLAC sound on an 8088@4.77... ...but no, I don't want spoilers, some day I'm going to revamp my Turbo XT, set it to de-turbo, and see for myself XD I´m curious too. I bet it will be more than an hour, but sometimes the little Intel surprises me.

Re: Joystick woes and questions

Jo22 wrote on 2022-10-08, 05:02: It could read natural information of our real world, like a reading from a temperatur sensitive resistor (NTC/PTC) or a light sensitive resistor (LDR). Yay! Hey!! I did that in the late 80´s, with QuickBasic, and plotted a graph or made some weird sound with the …

Re: Joystick woes and questions

Flight simulators? Simulation games were much more playable with analogue joysticks. And corporate dudes totally loved simulations. Flight sims, golf sims, .. Yes, I know, but it really ruined the gaming experience for every other genre. The king of (bad) joystick is the TRS Coco with its non auto- …

Re: Joystick woes and questions

With many old games (i.e. Montezuma´s revenge), the joystick will only work correctly with a 4.77 MHz machine. Even a Turbo XT (10 MHz) can break joystick support on these games. Why didn´t IBM go with digital joystick, like Atari, Amiga, MSX and almost all 80´s vidogame consoles.

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