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Re: help

in DOS
type in md NameOfIt to create the directory NameOfIt

Re: KDevelop

I want to learn KDevelop anyway. I just thought it was good to start out with something I did already on my old windows machine: Looking if some hacks needed by GameWiz are already incorporated in the standard CVS version and if not, adopt em. I'm gonna play around or actually work on code more as …


Hi, i'm switching to a SuSE 10/KDE environment, which by default comes with KDevelop as an IDE. Are there any known issues with using KDevelop to build cvs snapshots?

Re: Are my specs good enough to run Dosbox?

in DOSBox General
With this machine, Dosbox will not only run but also run smooth enough to play demanding games, win 3.x and apply graphics filters. Note that this applies only to software that has no general issues with current dosbox versions. You will be happy with this.

Re: Direct Serial Connection (Nullmodem) over IPX

in DOSBox General
I had been thinking about a serial-over-tcp/ip-layer a while back. Though, I don't know what would be the best and most useful way to implement it: - as a host OS application - as a real DOS application and a TCP/IP interface in the dosbox - as a "pseudo app" as the ones on the z: drive, configured …

Re: Memory Freezing / cheating

With both patches applied, Game Wizard 3a Pro did run and executed most functions properly. In some cases it did odd things to the display - that's just like it behaved on 286. Still, I'd prefer a built-in method but the thing I started is lost with my broken computer. It was ill-designed anyway. …

Re: The future of Dosbox development

A clean, processor-optimized compile might bring a performance gain of a few percent. The question is: Who does the make files for the several processor-optimized development tools? A third party AMD special compiler won't eat Visual Studio configuration files.

0.63 choice substitutes won't quit

serveral substitutes for the dos command "choice" won't work correctly in dosbox 0.63 The one delivered with Softgold's (now THQ) "Game Box 50 Spiele" Vol 1. works fine if you select a game but will alert runtime error 2 at 0000:0808 if you select "e" for exit. It works on Pentium Class and ancient …

Re: Pentium support for dosbox?

in DOSBox General
Original Pentium had no MMX nor had the Pentium Pro. The Pentium II, though based on the Pentium Pro, had MMX as well as later "Pentium MMX" P55C which had a different internal arrangement than traditional P54C Pentium

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