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Re: Socket7 mATX Motherboard - Wouldn't boot - now PSU fan stays on after shut down?

Just looking at your picture of the board, it looks like the PWR_SW is not bridged but the SLEEP header is. I'm sure you've already noticed/thought of this, are you sure you're actually shutting off the PC? You're right in that photo! But I think that was just an experiment. It's now definitely on …

Re: smallest computer that can run windows XP with supported hardware (especially video card?)

I would like to have a small computer to run old XP games; nothing fancy, not planning to run Crysis or anything like that, but more like early 2000 games at 1280x1024 resolution or 1600x1200 at most. If you don't need full native Win98 or DOS compatibility then you have a lot more options and can …

Re: Worst fastest early 3D cards

Has anyone ever compared the S3 Savage cards with the VIA integrated versions? Or the early VIA integrated Trident CyberBlade with the card version? VIA integrated chipsets seem a confusing mess of which have which graphics cores. I've definitely got one in a DigiPOS system that gets reported as a …

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