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Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

I bought the video card from the first post and I am continuing the search for a better one at an acceptable price. The card is Sapphire Atlantis 9600 128MB (11019-00) I'll try to overclock it if possible.

Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

FX 5900XT is fine card, It's sold :( This one is 128MB but no BGA chips :( GeCube R9600 Pro 128MB DDR 128bit AGP, GC-R9550U-C3H v1.1 128MB/DDR/128bit/TV-Out/VGA/DVI-I Core Clock 425 MHz Memory Clock 200 MHz Effective Memory Clock 400MHz RAMDAC 400 MHz https://imgur.com/a/pwX5X8W EDIT: X800/X850 …

Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

After a more detailed search with the keyword "video card" I started to find more interesting models again at the same price. What about the: ATi Radeon Asus A9600 Pro 256MB DDR 128bit AGP NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900XT 128 MB 256 bit AGP

Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

Hello, I was given an old computer with the following parameters: AsRock P4i65G Pentium 4 3Ghz / 1MB Ram: 2x512MB Video: Geforce FX 5200 128MB Monitor: Benq LCD 1280x1024 I decided to install win98 and XP on it for retro games until around 2005-2006. Everything is fine and I like it a lot, I just …

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