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Re: DosView

Sounds useful, thank you. Still stumbled upon a bug tough. I recommend adding a couple portrait mode pictures to your test set, zooming/panning doesn't seem to work right for those. Instead they draw correctly at first but seem to get locked to fit-to-screen afterwards. I also encountered this …

Re: mobygames new interface

in Milliways
My previous post here apparently contained too much of an opinion and got deleted, so I'll just neutrally state that Mobygames now has a paid user rank (MobyPro) with a slightly different feature set. Make of that what you will.

Re: Laptop for XP Gaming

At a glance, they seem to be decent options, if a bit pricey imho. I'll assume you have looked into driver availability by yourself? One thing I would like to point out is that quite a few of the earlier XP games (the XP era is a looong one) are from that awkward phase were the resolution could not …

Re: eDuke32 for Win95

What CPU you got in there? Mingw32(-generated binaries) may use instructions not present on the low end of processors supported by Win95. OP wrote "Pentium arch" but most toolchains I see around seem to be i686 (i.e. Pentium Pro), so make sure you have at least that.

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