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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Hi. A few months ago I had the urge to assemble a retro gaming PC for Windows 9x/DOS. I wanted to build a fast, uncompromising and trouble-free system in which everything would run at full speed. I also didn't want to spend any big money on it, so I was bidding on components worth a maximum of $10 …

Re: Windows 98 doesn't like my graphics card

I bet that the driver cannot handle more than 256mb of ram. Without a patch or some configuration change, I'm sure I won't be able to run this card under Win9x. The worst thing is that under Win9x this card would be God but under Windows XP it's just weak or average at best.

Re: Windows 98 doesn't like my graphics card

Sorry... I missed that (PCIe card). It's device manager that informs you of issues with hardware. If it's fine (no yellow marks anywhere), it shouldn't show a settings/hardware error ? Q : Can you change desktop resolution (or bit depth) ? There are no conflicts and I can't change the resolution.

Re: Windows 98 doesn't like my graphics card

I can't change the AGP aperture size because it's a PCI-E card. Windows doesn't detect any memory conflicts either. I know Win9x doesn't need 512MB of graphics memory, but this card came up for auction so I bought it. If I had a choice, I'd take the 256MB version. 😉

Windows 98 doesn't like my graphics card

Hello everyone. I recently bought a great graphics card that I wanted to use in Windows 98. It's a Radeon X800 GTO 512MB RAM from Sapphire. Unfortunately, after the correct recognition of the card and installation of the drivers, Windows always shows an error window after restarting (see picture …

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