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Re: Epic store

If you can buy a game you want from GoG then I would suggest you do that if you actually want to OWN the game. Judging by EULA , you do not own games on GoG too. They are linked to your account which can't be inherited/traded/etc. The only difference is the lack of DRM, so GoG is just not stopping …

Re: Epic store

Not sure what you mean by lose but Epic games is a store front just like Steam, Epic doesn't have quite the range Steam does but its neither better or worse than Steam and the only reason to use it is for the exclusives you cant buy on Steam or for the free games. You should also realise that you …

Re: The King has left the Building.

"No other CPU made such a difference" Really????? The z80, 6502 and m68000 would like to have a chat with you. I mean you could go back to the 8008 too which essentially started the lineage of the architecture we still use today (although I can’t remember if the 4004 was also part of that or just a …

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