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Re: History of 3Dfx Graphics cards Vol. 2

Many many thanks for this great summary! Back in the day there was a big broohaha about the Vodoo3 only being able to do 16-bit natively and the Nvidia could do 32-bit. In the beginning it wasn't a big deal until games started coming out where there was a visible difference between 16 and 32 bit. …

Re: What games did you become really good at?

in Milliways
I was actually big on StarSiege (the mecha one, not Tribes). I got to know the weapons so well that I often was able to leg opponents before they got a shot off. I was also pretty good at MechWarrior 3 (are you seeing a pattern here?). Granted, these were never massive competitions but I have fond …

Re: Voodoo 3500 Low Resolution with VGA Switcher

I helped beta test the drivers for the last of the commercially available 3Dfx cards and I can confirm that motherboard compatibility was sometimes an issue. At the time I was using an EPox board and was an AMD fan. They had to send me two new sets of drivers before the card worked on my board. So I …

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
I mean, there's plenty of cutscenes in I76 where they're out of the car discussing whatever. There's even scenes in the intro that never actually happen in the TRIP. (and also depict the other hand weapons that were never implemented) Being able to bail out of a car and get into another one was a …

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