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Re: What was your first vehicle?

in Milliways
'76 Firebrd.. last of the single headlights. Got it up and running with my Dad. Was the fastest car in school. I totalled it and bought a '72 Triumph Spitfire. Then a '80 Porsche 924. Got a great deal on a 5-speed '84 Pontiac Sunbird then... Moved to Europe and my first car was a '89 Wartburg 1.3 …

Re: Dune 2000

If memory serves those are all BIOS settings that were supposed to speed things up but on more modern i.e. systems starting in the mid 90`s they were sometimes counterproductive...

Re: Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
My son has a pretty up to date rig and plays various "modern" games and while on a side-by-side comparison of course the newer games look better but not mind blowingly better like we saw in the jump between 1999 and 2009. (which is when I stopped /paused gaming) . Just like the 1:1 "live action" …

Re: Why did you join Vogons?

in Milliways
I used to be a forum moderator on the official 3dfx forums (as well as a beta tester for their hardware) and when I got my first XP machine had trouble getting some games to work, not to mention I wanted to keep up on the Voodoo scene. That was 2005-2006ish and then life took over in the form of …

Re: Voodoo3 3500 Issues

Double check your AGP settings. It has been 20 years since I looked at them but I remember that Voodoos like the "highest" setting but I am not sure what that is anymore... I also remember left over drivers from non-Voodoo cards causing issues.

Re: History of 3Dfx Graphics cards Vol. 2

Many many thanks for this great summary! Back in the day there was a big broohaha about the Vodoo3 only being able to do 16-bit natively and the Nvidia could do 32-bit. In the beginning it wasn't a big deal until games started coming out where there was a visible difference between 16 and 32 bit. …

Re: What games did you become really good at?

in Milliways
I was actually big on StarSiege (the mecha one, not Tribes). I got to know the weapons so well that I often was able to leg opponents before they got a shot off. I was also pretty good at MechWarrior 3 (are you seeing a pattern here?). Granted, these were never massive competitions but I have fond …

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