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Re: Oh so period incorrect

Hehe glad you love this machine, although I love it the most! 😛 I knew that drive would look cool in that case but it works even better than I thought! 😍 It's running Windows 8 at the mo just because that was already on the SSD from another PC, which has been fine for grabbing some stuff off the …

Re: Oh so period incorrect

Thanks guys I'm glad you like it, this was a fun build! The C70 case really is great I've actually got another one of these in green housing a Pentium 2 / Windows 95 system. They're huge though so take up a lot of space, although this makes them really easy to work on and swap out boards etc.

Oh so period incorrect

Hi all, I've been lurking for a while but had a success with a build today that I thought some of you might find amusing. I wanted something modern-ish that I could use to download software to 360k floppies to use in my IBM 5150. I haven't had any luck in the past, even with motherboards that have …

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