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Re: Does anyone have a TI99 text to speech setup?

I don't know if there are any emulators for the Speak and Spell or if there is a TI-99 emulator where you can use the speech cartridge. Maybe MAME will work. If you're not fussy about getting the exact TI sound, you could run software like "Sam's Reciter" under C64 or Apple II emulation or you could …

Re: 10 Underrated/Obscure Arcade Games?

I can come up with nine that haven't been mentioned yet.. of course to some people none of these are obscure and/or underrated at all. Psychic 5 Solomon's Key Bagman Ladybug Raiga Strato Fighter Boogie Wings Mr. Driller City Connection Puzzle Uo Poko

Re: What Piece of PC Hardware Have You Owned Longest

I still have a Realtek RTL 8139A PCI NIC, from 2001 or so. Possibly earlier than that. It's been used in 4 or 5 different PCs over the years. The last time it was in service was in a Pentium 4 Hackintosh, which had an Intel on-board network chip that was incompatible with OS X. I was sharing an …

Re: Favourite games / programs for Commodore 64?

Wizball - still great fun in co-op mode - you're a wizard charged with bringing back colors to the world - with the help of your cat Dropzone - frantic Defender clone, great gameplay. Thrust - zip in, steal the pod and escape the defense system while grooving to some of the best music ever …

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