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Re: sound cards and music production

The jv1080 was the most used synth of the period, and everyone used it. Amigas were common, so were Macs. But pcs were too. At the high end it’s possible some pros were using next machines. It was really all over the place computer wise. If you go watch videos or see pictures of many game composers, …

Re: No CRT Emulation? Why!?

It’d be interesting conceptually to do an actual simulation of the beam, glass and shadow mask. Not for any actual practical use or purpose, but just as a fun simulation to make, especially if you tried to go really far on the physics accuracy.

Re: Amiga - better graphics because of worse monitors?

The 1084 is actually literally a tv, but having said that, I own a lot of CRTs and the 1084 has one of the best image quality of any of them. Each crt is different, mine is in fairly pristine condition, but even so the picture quality blows nearly every other crt I have out of the water, at least …

Re: Smoke coming from PAS16

I’ve heard some dying electrolytic capacitors can be brought back to life kinda after being exposed to voltage for long enough, not sure how accurate that is. I always assumed tantalum’s would outlive electrolytic, I knew their failure state wasn’t great but didn’t imagine one could fail so quickly …

Re: About to buy a Roland SC-55ST Sound Canvas

I would recommend the gameport and real sc55. There are three options for how to route the output of the midi module and the computer. The first is the line in option. You run the output of the midi module to the line in of the computer. Supposedly this can introduce some noise, but it's super cool …

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