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Re: Patch for OpenGL fullscreen bug

What I have done in my own DOSBox build is this: - when dosbox changes resolution, I create a "bitmap" in memory (well, just a char buffer), initializes is to all zeroes (with memset), and uploads to the dosbox opengl texture using glTexture2D - causing the entire texture (including the parts …

Re: Dosbox Background Color & Font Change

If it is one of the older Infocom games (i.e. not one of the last ones), try starting the game in DOSBox with the /W parameter added to the command line. For most of the games, that should get you the familiar grey-on-blue look with a red-on-grey status line.

Re: SimCity 2000 problem

Especially, if there is any of the machine types that matches one graphics card type which is selectable in the Sim City 2000 setup - that one should work. EDIT: Better to follow ripsaw's advice, I guess he has the game.

Re: SimCity 2000 problem

Yes that's what I mean. I don't have your specific game so I don't know which one is right, but you should try the several svga and vesa modes as well as vgaonly. Also note that this has absolutely nothing to do with your real hardware graphics card model.

Re: Any Developers of Paradox for DOS out there???

I haven't tried printing anything to paper from within Paradox, and that might not work because Paradox assume that all printers are connected via either a Parallel port (LPT) or a Serial port (COM) and my Windows 7 system has neither. As such this is of no importance. Programs running within …

Re: Config.sys FCBS and Stacks supported be dosbox?

DOSBox allocates FCBs dynamically. The number is limited only by the amount of (real, not emulated) memory that you have. If I understand the code correctly, you can use many thousands of FCBs if you want. And for what do you need STACKS=18,256? If I understand the code correctly, DOSBox handles …

Re: Ultima 7 Snow Reversed?

Here's a patch that fills the unused BIOS areas with random numbers: --- src/hardware/memory.cpp (revision 3798) +++ src/hardware/memory.cpp (working copy) @@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ #include "paging.h" #include "regs.h" +#include #include #define PAGES_IN_BLOCK ((1024*1024)/MEM_PAGE_SIZE) @@ -543,7 +544,7 …

Re: Java Port

Well, first I have to say my German keyboard (like all German keyboards) has no "Right Alt" key as such - so I tried AltGr+Enter instead. The game (which had been running very well in its window before I did that) freezed immediately without going full-screen. My system is a Core2Quad running at 2. …

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