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Re: MIDI input patch

Just to be sure, you are using the special older patched version of DOSBOX that has midi IN, from this thread, and NOT the latest release version. (which does not have MIDI input). You might need to set inconfig to get MIDI input. I use: [midi] mpu401=intelligent device=win32 config= inconfig=0 …

Re: still no MIDI input?

Yes, I've followed all the threads for many years on this subject. I tested (and still use) the MIDI input version that he did back then and it works perfectly. This seemed ready to be added, so I guess I'm still a bit confused as to what the process is that makes things end up in the release …

still no MIDI input?

As far as I understood, last year Srecko had a version/patch to add MIDI input. I hoped would get merged in to a CVS, and then make it into the next release version. I see no documentation saying .74 has MIDI in, so did that never happen?

Re: MIDI input patch

Srecko made it available as a special exe, not a patch, so we can't really apply it somehow ourselves. It does work 100%, so not sure what would keep it as 'work in progress'. Maybe Srecko can jump in here?

Re: MIDI input patch

I'd love this too, but I'm not quite sure how things like this get in the official release. It seems to work perfectly in this custom 72, but eventually running this old version of DOSbox may be a problem..

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