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Re: [Win98SE] Notepad display corrupted when scrolling

in Windows
Ok so the suggested solution did not work for me BUT after looking for several options it appears that lowering the Graphics Hardware Acceleration by two notches solves the problem, or change the color depth to 24 bits instead of 32. Looks like a problem specific to the Banshee.

Re: a little retrospective

in Milliways
(...) the cake is a lie. (...) Wait...What? No don't tell me there is no cake ! Jokes aside, parts the TOS of Steam are plain right illegal at least in France and maybe in other countries too. Steam offers you to "Buy" software (and not renting it), which legally you should be able to "(re)sell" …

[Win98SE] Notepad display corrupted when scrolling

in Windows
Hi all, I have a weird issue on my Win98SE system. When opening a file in Notepad, if I scroll up or down then the content inside the notepad window becomes corrupted and unreadable. Maximising the window will fix it. Filename 20240114_113657.jpg File size 1.85 MiB Views 259 views Any idea?

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