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Re: Dosbox Guide in French

Versions 2.1 of Débuter avec DOSBox and Utilisation avancée de DOSBox are avaliable. Last versions of the guides are avaliable at this adress : http://clinique.jeuxvideos.free.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=91

Re: no full screen with 9800pro

When you changed from a 9500 to a 9800, did you uninstall your graphic card drivers ? If not, I suggest you to do it. Many problems occur when you keep your existing drivers with another model, even if it comes from the same manufacturer.

Re: how do I save a game on dos dox?

Maybe your game is installed on a medium which is protected from writing. If you have pre-installed games located on a CD-ROM, copy them in a directory of your harddrive. Once done, mount this directory as a virtual C drive in DOSBox. Example You can copy your games in a C:\DOS_Games directory, Then …

Re: Sound Problem

Hi, Did you try to increase the cycles value in your game profile ? During the game you can also use the Ctrl F11 and Ctrl F12 keys to decrease or increase it. You can also increase the blocksize value in the mixer options. I hope it will help you. PS. Maybe your machine is not enough powerfull to …

Re: i am new to the DOSBox

Create a directory in which you will put your games. By example C:\DOS_Games. Edit your DOSBox.conf file (placed in the root directory of DOSBox). Find the autoexec section and modify it like this : [autoexec] MOUNT C C:\DOS_Games C: Save and launch DOSBox. Your virtual C drive is mounted. For more …

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