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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Does anyone with a V1000 (3D Blaster PCI) has experienced overheating on the card? A friend of mine has one that was working fine, but now his card is overheating and the image gets pixelated and then it stops. He's using an old Compaq PSU and an ASUS P3B-F motherboard. Did he just fry the card? I …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

@Scythifuge: Voodoo 1, Voodoo 2 and a Voodoo 5 in one system is a recipe for trouble. It already starts with the V1's PCI incompatibilities with many chipsets especially when it's PCI 2.2 and newer. So be mentally prepared :-) It's possible. I know because I have done it many times. I used my own …

Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Hi guys, recently acquired a Diamond Stealth II S220 and trying to catch up on this thread. I’m having an issue with vquake108 where it freezes within a few seconds of the game starting. I’ve tried version 106 of vquake but it mentions I have the wrong microcode. Any help would be appreciated and …

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