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Re: Radio MT-32

in MT-32 General
leileilol wrote: =zum= wrote: Read better. You first. Native MT-32 soundtracks only; no conversions. Well, I didn't read anything like that in this topic, don't take me bad 😒

Re: Radio MT-32

in MT-32 General
Read better. I was proposing mt2gm to make the mt-32 play GM midi's (which enlarges at any possible game while being mt-32) and record if curious_sle wants. Now I'm not saying that I'm the only one who can use it, but I'm just proposing.

Re: Games with 1280x1024 resolution

I got a monitor from 94, is attached to my 486, although the videoboard might support 1280x1024, the monitor is just crazy in that resolution, but that's only my comment, i can't believe there exist dos games that even got further of 800x600

Re: Authenticity of AdLib sound

As for the two FM cores in the AdPLug Winamp plugin, Tatsuyuki Satoh's core, which seems to be the one DosBox uses, imitates the AWE sound, whereas Ken Silverman's core goes for the real OPL3 sound. Basically, Ken Silverman's core seems to be perfect except for the fact that it resets the Waveform …

Re: Indy 4 FOA and MI2 EGA mode

Tried different output=xxx methods for DOSBox? Do you have all your drivers up to date? I think that is useful, because as I said: Since I tried this on my 486 and any old computer I've seen, it gives the same screen as dosbox So, since you say Works fine for me (indy4 and monkey2 german) under …

Re: Indy 4 FOA and MI2 EGA mode

Why would anyone want to run a VGA game using EGA? Nice EGA dithering, by the way. Because I have finished this game 500 times on VGA, and I'm curious! Now I want to play it in EGA! But not in that awful state. And the question shouldn't be "why would anyone want to run a VGA game using EGA?", …

Indy 4 FOA and MI2 EGA mode

Hi, I was doing mess with indy foa, and I've put EGA mode (atlantis e), the resolution changes to 640x400 (ega can give 16 colors up to 640x350 so what the hell?) and the colors are 16 in grayscale (the entire game looks like s**t), but, is this how it is supposed to be, or not? Since I tried this …

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