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Re: Dedicated IPXNET server software (C# .NET 7)

Fixed a bug with DESCENT where it would send a packet with destination address:port Socket.SendTo() did not appreciate the endpoint. Will keep this updated as I go through more games. Still having issues with ICMP on local LANs so I dont recommend to use this to play games on LANs. Use as …

Re: hoping to make some friends!

I run a community for people playing Mechwarrior 2 on DOSBox. We would welcome you ofc. We have pre-built installlers/zip files that should allow you to jump into the action. Web link: https://discordapp.com/invite/XSdGUQE Server code: XSdGUQE

Re: Dedicated IPXNET Server (C# .NET/.NET Core)

If you look at my design, you will see there is no need to restart or reset the server because it uses the internal IPX ping system to check if clients are still connected. I would suggest this functionality be built into the actual DOSBox exe for the IPXNET server itself instead of using a hard …

Detect best cycles/match recommended specs?

in DOSBox General
Is it possible to detect the most effective cycles for a game? Is it also possible to emulate the recommended specs for a game with the cycles in the config file (what is the conversion rate cycles to mhz)? I ask because games like mechwarrior 2 don't function properly (100%) even with the auto …

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