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Re: Tomb Raider

in DOS
Actually the basic audio pack for TR1, which contains all the tracks of the PC version, IS complete. What the people are still working on is the Audio restoration project, whose aim it is to incorporate all the extra sounds/musics from the PSX version into the PC version, but this is a totally …

Re: Fascinating X-Wing wiki article update

I think everybody writes more or less at least a little bit biased, but in this article this goes over the top. I played and liked both games a lot. Sure, X-Wing has a few more functions and in-flight configuration options than the original Wing Commander game, but only because it is newer and they …

Re: How Can I Save the game in LionKing?

Sure, could be. I never played the SNES version, so I can't tell. Edit: Checked the screenshots at Mobygames: http://www.mobygames.com/game/lion-king/screenshots You were absolutely right: It does look way better on the SNES.

Re: Martian Memorandum video lockup

Please do not hijack other threads for your purpose. The topic discussed here has really nothing to do with your problem in Darkseed. Besides this thread is already three (!) years old (like some other threads you revived in the last time) and the problem mentioned here probably already solved.

Re: Fate of Atlantis

No, officially it is not possible to use MP3s. But it could be that there exist an unofficial version of ScummVM which allows the use of digital music instead of the normal MIDIS, like leileilol suggested. But I personally haven't heard about it. The MP3s you found (if they are the same that I …

Re: Fate of Atlantis

The only Indy game with musical tracks is Indiana Jones 3 for the FM Towns. As Freddo said, you could compress the speech file of Indy 4 with MP3 compression. Maybe this is what your friend is talking about - or he is just full of crap, as you suggested. 😉

Re: Windows 3.1X on Dosbox

I don't think it would make that much difference. In the old DOS days it was the same trouble that some games only supported IRQ 5 others only 7. Under Dosbox it is at least as easy as just changing a small number in a configuration file. Back then you had to turn off your PC, open it and change the …

Re: manic miner dos remake

The link you posted was to an unofficial not authorized remake of a game whose intellectual property is still protected and therefore officially the remake is not legal. You can discuss if this morally right or not, but it still belongs to the same kind of material than the abandonware link in the …

Re: manic miner dos remake

Funny, in this thread he complained about someone posting illegal links and now he is doing the same. 😉 (I guess it would be otherwise impossible to get in such a short time all the games, of which he posted the problems in this forum)

Re: Windows 95 games on Windows 3.x?

The original Doom 2: Yes. But the list clearly states: Doom 2 for Win95 Both Doom 2 and GTA have Windows 95 ports, so the claim is valid. You can even download the Windows version of GTA from the developer's webpage, since it is Freeware nowadays: http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/gta.html

Re: stupidity

Well, I guess it's not easy to get a post count this high so fast (considering that he already surpassed both of us). 😉 If you can't do it with senseful and meaningful post you'll have to achieve it otherwise...

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