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Re: Need Help on Choosing Roland SC-55

I've tested and posted about this myself. There are some specific changes with drum set "fallback" between 1.xx and 2.xx units, but the fallback of capital tones behaves exactly the same on both. Just to clarify though, since it seems to be a source of confusion, an SC-55 with 2.xx ROM is NOT an SC- …

Re: Need Help on Choosing Roland SC-55

derSammler wrote on 2020-02-21, 16:36: For the Mk.II, the ROM version doesn't matter. It's only important for the Mk.I, because only 1.20/1.21 still has capital-tone fallback (later ones don't)... This is incorrect. All "SC-55" units proper, regardless of whether the ROM version is 1.xx or 2.xx, …

Re: Adlib Driver for Sound Blaster SFX?

I'm not aware of a generic driver/redirector, but the OmniMusic, DIGPAK, and AIL sound libraries/routines support digital audio playback via the OPL2, as applies to titles that use those solutions. You might want to consider the Disney Sound Source as an alternative though, which provides better …

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