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Re: CD not recognized by DOS or Windows 3.11 for Workgroups

in DOS
Yes, it is entirely expected that an older drive would be unable to read CD-RW discs. This has nothing to do with the OS you're running. (It was once popular to use CD-RW discs with "packet writing" software that would use the UDF file system, and that would require special consideration - but as we …

Re: Recently dug out one of my childhood PCs, how good is it for 9x gaming and is it worth upgrading?

How good it is depends on the games you want to run and desired resolution. Yes, this, a thousand times this. It is "worth upgrading" if there is something specific you want to play that you cannot easily play otherwise. If there is nothing specific you want to play, then no, it is probably not …

Re: Possible to mount disc images in DOS with CDDA playback?

in DOS
FYI mounting a cuesheet (closest thing to an open format that supports CDDA) in DOS would probably require a TSR which in turn requires EMM386 TSRs do not require EMM386. This can probably be closed, unless some mad genius can be inspired to use their valuable time to make a program that does this, …

Re: DOSBox-X, Windows 98, and Longbow

Why exactly don't you just run it in Windows 7 or whatever it is you have handy? (I presume you're referring to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane%27s_AH-64D_Longbow .) how to fix this? Get a faster computer? ETA: Did you already try nGlide in Windows 7? http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide …

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

DOSBox hasn't had a major release in 10 years. What about DOSBox 0.74-2 and 0.74-3? Y'know, the releases front-and-center at www.dosbox.com ? Yes, those arguably aren't "major releases", but for something as ubiquitous as DOSBox, isn't it a whole lot better not to issue a major release that might …

Re: DOSBox Daum Windows 95

in PC Emulation
That depends entirely on what you specifically need to do, and why you need to use "Windows 95 emulation" instead of just running software directly in Windows 10 (or whatever version you're using).

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