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DOSBox SVN Build

I've decided to make my own SVN build. This has taken about three hours yesterday in setting up a compilation environment. So, anyway, I enabled a bunch of options that will likely make it run things faster, SSE2 for one, OpenMP and compiled for speed over size. I also compressed the DLLs and the …

Droning noise in Pool of Radiance

I've been playing Pool of Radiance using the Tandy sound option and it has been creating a droning noise when it first starts. I has been happening with the normal release and the latest SVN builds. The sample rate seems to have no effect on the problem. It also exists in Dosbox 0.72.

Re: Direct3D patch

DOSBox version 0.72 Copyright 2002-2008 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL. --- CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file C:\dos\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.conf CONFIG:Loading additional settings from config file C:\dos\profiles\17.conf D3D:Using triple buffering MIDI:Opened device:win32 Network …

Re: Direct3D patch

D3D:Using triple buffering Memory sizes above 31 MB are NOT recommended. Stick with the default values unless you are absolutely certain. MIDI:Opened device:win32 D3D:Error in pixel shader shaders\hq2x.fx: (1,1): error X1507: failed to open source file: 'shaders\hq2x.fx' Unable to create effect …

CD-Based games skippy

When I run games that require you to have a CD in the drive, the game is skippy. Like X-Com 3 or CyberJudas. I have messed around with the core, and CD emulation, I've also changed the CPU cycles and frame skipping. The games still have speed issues when accessing, I've also enabled IO Control on …

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