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Re: [Help needed] Compiling SDL_net 1.2.7 with MinGW-Msys (mingw-get-inst-20111118.exe) under Win7 ???

Hi gulikoza. It is "Zero-two". I doubt its a problem of the newer gcc-compiler. Has been the older gcc a special MinGW-Version? : C:\MinGWenv_alt\MinGW\bin>gcc --version gcc (GCC) 3.4.5 (mingw-vista special r3) Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source …

Glide patch 2009-11-24

Hello gulikoza. I managed to compile my own Dosbox with the glide patch. I made a 0.73 with glide-patch 2009-06-04 longer ago and now a 0.74 with glide 2009-11-24. As I'm a big Fan of ArchimedeanDynasty(Schleichfahrt) I have some good and some bad news: The loading screen shows parts of the …

Re: Glide patch

Hello Gulikoza. Is it possible that there is a small bug in the glide patch? In dosbox.cpp where the config is written the glideport is set to 600. Phex = secprop->Add_hex("grport",Property::Changeable::WhenIdle,0x600); But Glide for me will only work with port 300. By the way: Do you have a clue …

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