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Carmageddon glide?

Hi I've looked through a few posts here (http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=16462) and had limited success running carmageddon. I downloaded the version of DosBox from here: http://www.si-gamer.net/gulikoza/ it has glide support :) I tried carmageddon, it crashed dosbox on launch so as instruted …

Re: Legally getting older games.

Actually, it's changed recently: http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6162308.html?sid=6162308 Though you could argue PC's are still available, DOS systems have no support from anyone now. Also, If I want a game I don't want to wait 6 months before downloading it anyway. If I want a game I cannot purchase …

Re: Dosbox with Gilde2x.ovl

Hi, I'm trying to get Carmageddon running in Glide mode on Vista RTM. Since I have an ATI Card and there is NO vista OpenGL support yet, I need to use a Direct3d wrapper. I tried both DgVoodoo (Which was brilliant on XP) and psVoodoo. Using DgVoodoo's Glide2x.dll and the Dosbox version of Glide2x. …

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