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Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
can't get Need For Speed Porsche working on my XP Rig.. tried Nglide Glide Wrapper, native d3d, tried various Patches like 3.5 enhanced and Others.. D800 P-M w/ GeForce Go 4200 W500 C2D w/ FireGL V5700 no luck.. Crash at Splash Screen. real problematic Game. NFS2, NFS3, NFS4 working without …

Re: Win98SE SB Live! driver help

Okay, yeah was just throwing that bit about the CD cable out there just in case. Anyway, other than overwriting a previous driver install and rebooting, which I'll admit seems like a long shot, I don't know what else to suggest. Sorry, wish I could have been of more help.

Re: Win98SE SB Live! driver help

Sorry to hear you're still having a problem. I had the same issue of no sound with my SB Live! when I installed some other drivers, but the drivers I posted fixed it. It might be worth mentioning that I didn't uninstall the first drivers, just installed the sblive2.zip ones on top of the previous …

Re: Win10 background scale

in Milliways
Okay never mind, figured it out. Here's the fix in case anyone else runs into this. 1. Open regedit 2. Expand key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Wallpapers 3. Edit string in BackgroundHistoryPath0 From this: C:\WINDOWS\web\wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg To this: C:\ …

Win10 background scale

in Milliways
Howdy folks, Usually pretty good at sorting out this kind of stuff, but this one has me stumped. Anyway, using an ASUS VB198T with a 1280x1024 native resolution for older games. Never changed any Personalize settings before and the desktop has always used the default background. So earlier when I …

Re: SBLive! AudioHQ wont allow PC to restart

Sure no problem, glad to try and help. :) Yeah, 98SE can be a real pain sometimes to sort these things out. I recently replaced my motherboard and had to do some serious registry tweaks to get the primary/secondary IDE channels detected so the optical drive would work lol. Anyway, hope that helps …

Re: Need for Speed 4 stuttering

Hmm, version 4.50 runs fine for me in XP using D3D mode (with mercury patch to correct the saving issue). I also get stuttering with nGlide though. Tried different voodoo2a.dll files, but that hasn't helped. NFS3 stuttered too with nGlide, but disabling v-sync in nvidia control panel fixed it. Not …

Re: Incoming working slow as hell

in Windows
It could be a video driver issue. I've noticed this happens on some later nvidia drivers as well. You might want to try it with WineD3D and put -screenmode in the shortcut command line to select the resolution. Depending on which version of Incoming you have, it will either go up to 1024x768 ( …

Re: Wipeout 2097

in Windows
Try the patch from here. Also make sure you don't have v-sync enabled or it may speed up and slow down every few seconds.

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