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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

Lost: a very useful feature: last signon. I used this to determine how far to go back. Now, I will have to make a note of this somewhere. Last login date is in the profile menu at the top right of every page. So it is. Thank you. (It used to be displayed without any need to hunt for it.) Another …

Re: can not exit without typing exit

Quite interesting for what you use DOSBox Gene. May i ask that is like i would start an emulated miggy to run Micro EMacs to edit in a complicated way a text. Pardon me, maybe you need not to be observed. I like a WordStar-style editor. For me, it work a lot better than a GUI editor. Also what i …

Re: can not exit without typing exit

I usually use DOSBox to run a text editor, but I also use it to prepare some .zip files to send to my boss. (Insert standard warning about DOSBox being for games.) My code gives a series of commands to DOSBox then exits. The command I run from the DBMS is (lightly edited): "C:\Program Files (x86)\ …

Re: DOSBox Editor

in DOS
I use VDE (a WordStar derivative) under DOSBox. It works fine.. I downloaded it from: https://sites.google.com/site/vdeeditor/Home/vde-files

Re: need info on m$ quickbasic

cyclone3d wrote: So did some more searching and from what I can find, multiple places say that MS just renamed the Basic compiler to Quick Basic. http://www.pldos.pl/basic/basic.htm http://www.emsps.com/oldtools/msbasv.htm That is my impression, too.

Re: Printing from inside DOSBox

Hi, I have searched the internet and the forum and am fairly sure this question has been asked and answered before but I can't seem to find it. Is it possible to print (just text, no graphics) from inside DOSBox to the printer connected to my Windows 7 pc? I am playing with an old Quick Basic …

Re: Why can't I send private messages?

GordonFreeman wrote: This is no longer an issue. If a mod could delete this topic, that would be good. Actually, I have been here for quite some time and did not know that I could send private messages. Maybe, there are more of us. Thank you for bringing up the topic. Sincerely, Gene Wirchenko

Re: speed up the cpu

In DOSBox: Ctrl+F1 => opens DOSBox keymapper Ctrl+F11 => decreases CPU cycles Ctrl+F12 => increases CPU cycles You can modify all of those keyboard mappings in the keymapper. You can also use the cycles command to set the cycles to a particular value. This can be done at the DOS prompt or in the …

Re: Strange TIME

Hi, I'm using a program written in Quick Basic. The instruction TIME$ has these strange behaviors: 1. after midnight the time looks like this 24:10:15 (or 33:20:12 the next day) 2. the Time showed doesn't match with the time of Windows for example DOSBox time is 19:02:00 while Windows time is 19:07 …

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