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Re: Flashback - Incorrect aspect ratio?

Flashback's a good example because at 4:3 ratio the Mega Drive/Genesis version looks like the top picture. The problem is that there are some parts of the art, such as that blue thing around the selected item in the top right corner and some fans in the background of the second level, that look …

Re: VME Broken on AMD Ryzen

Hi again! Is the VME bug finally fixed? I've found contradicting information. Wikipedia says it got fixed with Ryzen 2000, other sources say Ryzen 3000.. Also an user in a Ryzen 3700 focused thread at Reddit said: [..] The only showstopper is if you want to run Windows 98 in a VM. The VME bug has …

Re: Why do some old games has no in-game music in it?

in Windows
As has already been said, the games mentioned are flight sims and the lack of in-game music was likely a conscious choice by the developers to lean towards realism. Not sure why everyone's talking about the PC speaker and floppy disks given that the games mentioned were on CDROM in the late '90s. …

Re: Ruined memory of an old game by playing it!

in DOS
I've actively avoided replaying some games that I really enjoyed on 8-bit home computers. This is especially true for simulators where the gameplay might hold up if their performance didn't render them virtually unplayable now. They didn't run badly in my memories, and I don't want to spoil those.

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Contrary to popular belief, it's very stable, provided you don't install weird crap and/or bad drivers. Yeah, that was my experience too. I had one issue where system restore malfunctioned and ate all my free drive space, but other than that I had a better time with it than 98. Using it on …

Re: What is good puzzle design in adventure games?

in Milliways
I agree with the above. Good puzzle design should make sense but not be so trivial that no thought is required. Requiring moon logic is usually bad unless it clearly makes sense within the universe of the game, and easily missed hunt the pixel puzzles are always bad in my book. Another example of …

Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

in Milliways
Anyone else watching Retro Recipes? It's more style than substance sometimes but he does some fun projects and regularly makes me lol: https://www.youtube.com/user/Perifractic Their videos keep getting recommended to me, but I haven't watched many. This might sound a little strange, but parts of …

Re: Flashback - Incorrect aspect ratio?

This is something I've wondered about too. This kind of thing even causes debate within console fandom about what's the "correct" way to display things, because while it can be demonstrated what aspect ratio was displayed on TVs of the time, there can be the question of what aspect ratio the art in …

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
Speaking of vinyl, what annoys me is those hipsters who adopt the format not because of its sonic quality, but because it's 'retro' and 'cool' Tapes suffer the same fate. Because of nostalgia, cheap boomboxes with tapedecks started to reappear in stores - they all use the same tape mechanism, …

Re: DOSBox speed vs real DOS PC?

ripsaw8080 wrote on 2020-05-30, 07:40: Silanda wrote on 2020-05-30, 07:15: I've got half a suspicion that NBA Jam TE's problems might be related too. If you refer to flickering at higher cycles, that issue should be resolved in SVN. Cool! I'll admit that I haven't tried playing it in ages.

Re: The Orange Box. DRM vs Retro Gaming? How can I install it?

in Windows
This is something that bugs the hell out of me with some modern games that have physical releases way after their initial release. Take Ion Fury: the collectors edition was DRM free on a USB key, the GoG version is of course DRM free, so why the hell does the upcoming DVD release require Steam? It …

Re: DOSBox speed vs real DOS PC?

It seems it isn’t only the CPU emulation that determines the performance of DOSBox. Some VGA operations seem to be much quicker than a real system. For example, the TOPBENCH video score is a few micro seconds, way less than any real video card I have can do. Also DOOM seems to run very fast for the …

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