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ATI 3D Rage Pro wrapper?

in PC Emulation
Has anyone ever made this, similar to the 3DFX Glide wrappers that have been made? I'm asking because Tomb Raider has a Windows based ATI patch, if we could play it it would be a good way to avoid the hassles that come with playing DOS games on modern systems.

Re: Audiopack revival

As I think I mentioned in my readme for the patch - the CD volume control in the Tomb Raider menu is non-functional anyway. It doesn't issue the actual volume control commands to the CD drive. There is some stub code in there, but it appears they disabled it, presumably because it didn't work …

Re: Alien Trilogy

That's the readme.txt that comes with the patch, it's listing the cards that it adds support for, it doesn't mention what cards it already supports. And the time stamp on trilogy.exe in my version is December 31st, 1996. 1:43:40 AM. So it still could have Glide support.

Alien Trilogy

I got this game called Alien Trilogy that runs in DOS and I'm trying to run it in Glidos, I'm not certain that it has Glide support, but it probably does since it was released in 1996. When I start it, it says "Dectecting video card.." for about 30 seconds and then it gives up and starts in software …

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