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Re: DOSBox CVS Builds

HunterZ wrote: lightmaster wrote: there's an error in tharo's cvs builds right? cant see april ones D: Yeah, looks like nothing has been built since 28 Mar. Was good while it lasted. Oh well. There's always emucr - http://www.emucr.com/

Re: A few issues with 0.65...

I discovered problems with DOsbox 0.65 aswell. Sound is also stuttering for me, and I really don't think that should be so. I don't get it, my pc should be fast enough to run this emulator. With 0.63 the sound didn't stutter at all for me. The same problem's happen with the latest cvs builds. I've …

Re: duke nukem 3d

in DOS
Finished Episode 1,2,3 in Skill4 (Damn, i'm good) Havent even finished Level 1 in Episode 4 yet. When i played it, i didn't have that problem although i don't use JonOf's JFDuke3D. I used Duke3d_w32 from rancidmeat (http://www.rancidmeat.com/project.php3?id=1) - I thought it's a pretty good port. So …

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