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Re: MAC OS X Help Running DOSbox

It is possible to run dosbox on osx. But I expect you having some problems with performance on the G4. I run dosbox on the last G4 laptop before they switched to Intel, and it is usually ok for the old adventuregames I play (sierra) but it isn't ultrasmooth even then. But it works. And it's FUN! …

Re: Dark Forces & Video Capture Problems

At least on my mac (a powerbook) the Fx-keys are connected to functions like hide-group-ungroup windows, volume up-down-off, brightness up-down-off, keyboardlights on-off. If I want to press F5 I have to press the button called Fn (downright left corner) + F5. Or I can change the behaviour in System …

Re: iBook problems

iBook. That's a PPC-platform isn't it? Normal core is the only available core on the PPC-platform, and the PPC is not doing a very fine job with dosbox, to be blunt. You can improve performance slightly by compiling your own version. Also, if you compile it yourself you can enable OpenGL.

Re: Dosbox + OS X + OpenGL

I actually got it to work *beams proudly*. What i did was to: Copy code to clipboard 1 export LDFLAGS="-framework OpenGL -L/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Libraries -lGL" before I run anything. This resulted in ./configure to detect opengl when run.

Dosbox + OS X + OpenGL

Source: Cvs from 20/9 Computer: Mac Powerbook (PPC) Normal build is fine, but when I enable opengl in config.h I get lots of undefined symbols (glBegin, glEnd and so on). Now that seems like a signal that I don't have opengl installed on the machine, but the thing is that last time I compiled dosbox …

Re: DosBox Speed Issues MacOs X

I assume from your initial post that you are using a PowerPC based mac, and sadly it's not so lightning fast for dosbox. I'm using a PPC powerbook 1,67Ghz with 1gb ram, and my experience is that it is a bit faster if you compile it yourself (with flags optimized to your system) but not by much.

Re: Latest Mac CVS?

Don't be so modest Neowolf. I though your guide was pretty educational. I know I learned something. And since there ware these tiny errors I had to peek around the system some more, resulting in me learning even more 😀 BRs Snejs

Re: Playing MIDIs the old-fashioned way

Lôpân: What they are saying is that you should probably run a CVS version of dosbox. And that means you should create a new dosbox configuration file (search forum for this, I don't remember the commando). After that you should edit your newly created configuration file and look for the lines mpu401 …

Re: Audio scalers?

kekko: The DAC converts from digital to analog, I agree to that. But does it really perform upsampling as well? First I should probably say that I'm not an expert about soundequipment/soundcard, just a I-want-to-know-more-guy :) But do you mean that todays soundcard has some digital circuit (dsp) …

Re: Audio scalers?

HunterZ: That actually makes sense, now when I'm thinking first :). I guess it has something to do with emulating a SB and then sending it along to the what-ever-audio-system-you-use? Funny you should post those links, I've read some of them as well from when this thread started :) It takes four …

Re: Audio scalers?

Hummm, that was some time ago, cubic and spline interpolation. The sound still starts at 0 and ends at (n-1). The points -1 and n only set the derivate/slope from point 0/to point (n-1). I would try to use v(-1) = v(0) and v(n) = v(n-1). That would set the noise to level in at start and out at end. …

Re: Need help plz (very noob to DOSBox....)

Please correct me if I'm wrong Kharn. But as I've understood your description, you've installed Daggerfrall from within Windows and then mounted the cd in dosbox and tried to start it? Have you tried to mount the cd in dosbox and do the install from within dosbox?

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