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Re: NTVDM CPU errors, DOS Games and Geforce vid card

This explains so much... about half the people who've come to me trying to use Mechwarrior 2 dos couldn't even get the first screen to load. Yet... the other half, myself included, could at least get into the shell, and play at least some of the sim without any external programs. Is there a list or …

Re: Breakthrough with MechWarrior 2 Mercs!

Hey there. I'm from netmech.org, and I've found the answers to some of your issues. 1. If the game is constantly crashing in the sim, it may be because you're using the Commando mech. Try selling it and purchasing a Jenner (armor the head!) 2. My two Mercs versions both have the MW2.exe for Mercs at …

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