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A few questions about Glidos

Greetings. I've been playing around with the original CD version of Tomb Raider on the trial version of Glidos 1.53b. I've installed the Extra Texture Pack by JC, enabled the missing music addon, and added the Enhanced 1.2 Fmv Pack. I'm happy with Glidos and almost everything is working fine, but …

Re: NFS2SE: I guess you just can't play it on modern systems?

in Windows
The 3Dfx version using DGVoodoo works perfectly here on a Vista 32 bit, Core 2 Duo system. But I have a Geforce GTS 250 card. Here are the settings I am using in Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit. ______ EmulateCDFS, EmulateGetFreeDiskSpace, GlobalMemoryStatusLie, Ignore Exception, …

Re: Utility to automate Single Core CPU usage for games - RunFirst

in Windows
You can also download Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft and create an application fix that includes SingleProcAffinity. Then install that fix in its database and then it becomes permanent until fix uninstallation. That toolkit is really nifty, and includes lots of additional …

Re: Know any good ms-dos GUIs?

in DOS
I remember I had Packard Bell Navigator installed on my dos system a long time ago. I didn't use it much but still thought it to be a fun gui. Here are some links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packard_Bell_Navigator http://toastytech.com/guis/pbnav.html Apparently there were different versions, and …

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