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Re: PC MIDI Card with Dreamblaster X2

Hey, thanks! I'll never forget how my wife and I resisted 'Win3.1' and then, 'Win95'. We were hard-core DOS hanger-ons until we absolutely had to pay our dues to Microsoft. Thirty years later, it's like going home again. :-) DOS RULES! I do check in to the QuestStudios archive, from time to time, …

Re: PC MIDI Card with Dreamblaster X2

Thanks! I seem to have just figured this out and have created a work-a-round. I have an extra Sound Blaster 16 card installed in the computer that's just collecting dust, but it also has a FEATURE CONNECTOR and is setup at an I/O address I'm currently not using .... so this solves my problem and …

PC MIDI Card with Dreamblaster X2

Thanks to some wonderful folks, I've recently acquired a new 8-bit PC MIDI card along with a Dreamblaster X2 daughterboard to go with it. I've installed these in a new (old) Pentium PC which I've restored to use as my primary music composing computer. Thanks to Leo Dallas, I've been able to get back …

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