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Re: DOSBox-X branch

I noticed that when using the dynamic core, throwing a C++ exception doesn't always work, it's like the exception fails to make it up the call stack where try...catch is waiting and the C++ runtime acts as if nobody caught it. It maybe caused by callback function not use try... catch in SDL …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

TheGreatCodeholio wrote: "Shell=Explorer.exe" copy windows95's explorer.exe and rename it to Explorer95.exe Try use windows 95 ' explorer95.exe , It work on real machine.

Re: DOSBox-X branch

below link is about nt/2000/xp/vista/7/reactos universal open source ata/sata driver , not sure for win9x , since windows 98 & 2000 care about little point had wdm driver source code compatible . hope this helpful for ATA emulation. http://alter.org.ua/soft/win/uni_ata/

[tutor] how to install windows 98se on dosbox

In your host evironment make a 1G ramdisk (Imdisk(pretty good tool with source code...) gavotte ramdisk for windows) use bximage make a 512M image on 1G ramdisk prepare win98se.iso , boot98_floppy.img(extract from win98se.iso) start dosbox , (with dosbox.conf mem=64M, cpu Pentium slow, svga_s3) …

Re: DOSBox debugger

When I using dosdebugger to single steps, The User video screen lagged to update, Even I have steps many instruction , The screen still not updated. In DOS environment , It's the best feature compare to windows. Have any direction to fixed this issue ?

Re: DOSBox debugger

You must create a short cut from desktop, Then run this short-cut , else you will shutdown dosbox-debugger immediately. You may run the dosbox.exe from MSYS terminal environment, this will fail to run it. Strange things: normal version dosbox can run under MSYS terminal.

Re: DOSBox debugger

The code are change from currently 2008/4/30 SVN source code. I have do some modify on dosdebugger. Change note: [bugfix] "LV" command stand alone commandline from codeView sub-window [New add] data dump method as byte/word/dword (db/dw/dd) [New add] windows adjust command (wr/wd/wc/wv [winsize]) If …

Re: SOFT-ICE in dosbox !

The older version of soft-ice work on dosbox 0.72 s-ice 1.03 work fine s-ice 2.1 work fine s-ice 2.5 & s-ice 2.64 after enter C:>s-ice In dosbox status window show below message: Exit to error:Illegal descriptor type0 for int D The old full screen debugger code-smith 86 Trace 86 TR (95% fine) work …

Re: Heavy-Debug/Debug-Version

I want to compile a debug-heavy version for dosbox... ,But always fail, In dosbox 0.58, I'v successful compile debuger version, at that time, my compiler is VC6 sp5. because VC6 is abandoned by dosbox. In current, my compiler is mingw, and can compile normal dosbox.exe from newest cvs source code. …

vga test report 2 error found

http://www.lanet.lv/ftp/simtelnet/msdos/vga/vgatest2.zip VGA Test file report1033 Test 6: BIOS: Text Input/Output Mode 6h Read/Write ChAttr: expected char=65, got char=0 Mode 6h Read/Write ChAttr: expected char=67, got char=0 Mode 6h Read/Write ChAttr: expected char=69, got char=0 Mode 6h Read/Write …

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