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Changing volume of cm32l´s extra soundeffects

in MT-32 General
Hi folks, I recently upgraded to a mac mini 2018 and Mac OS Catalina and everything is still up and running :-) However, in Ultima Underworld 1 I have this feeling, that the sound of the footsteps is now only barely hearable. At first I thought, it was completely silent or off, but it is definitely …

MUNT finally works on my Mac... again :-)

in MT-32 General
Hi folks, I want to share my recent success with you. For years MUNT worked like a charme on my Mac with both DOSBox and SCUMMVM. But since a year or so it suddenly stopped working with DOSBox. This was probably my fault, but I did not recognize of changing something... Anyway, during the last few …

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

Hi folks, I browsed all 24 pages of this topic, but it seems that no one here got it working on a mac? Followed Phils workaround on youtube and installed the plugin into reaper. So far so good. But there is no stand alone app of Sound Canvas VA for Mac OS, that is needed for the other steps. Is …

Using a usb floppy drive with a mac

Hi folks, I recently bought Lemmings2 via ebay. It comes on the original 3,5" discs. I have dosbox running on my mac pro but I never figured out how to get my external usb floppy disk drive to work with it. Is there a way to use my real floppys or do I have to work with diskimages? Thanks in advance …

Re: Little Big Adventure 1 on a MAC

in DOS
When I copy the cd with Toast for Mac with the save as Bin/ Cue option, I get TWO seperated CD images. Hmm maybe I should try to create the Bin/ Cue image on a pc and transfer that to the mac... Or I just wait until I moved into a bigger home where I can set up my dos pc as well 😀 Thanks

Little Big Adventure 1 on a MAC

in DOS
Hello everyone, I never played this game back in the 90s. But it would be absolutely great, if I could today. Unfortunately there are some problems to solve in order to do so. The solution that I found here: http://www.magicball.net/games/lba1/lba1_2_dosbox_guide did not work in my case. I wasn't …

Re: Dark Forces V. 1.1?

in Milliways
I dont think so. I am pretty sure that it was the pc-version. Unfortunately I did not bid on the game so after deleting the auction in my ebay there should be no way to find it again.

Dark Forces V. 1.1?

in Milliways
Hi folks, hope this is the right place for my posting. A few days ago an ebay auction ended. The item was Dark Forces. It had a sticker on the box, showing "1.1". The seller mentioned, that this was a rare version of the game. Is this true? Are there perhaps significant bug fixes in that version? I …

Re: Celeron 600 Mhz to slow for Wing CommanderI?

Well, I must admit that I moved shortly from my pc to a mac. I am using a flightstick pro (macversion) with a griffin imate adb-usb-interface. Like other people here I have massive joystickproblems. The vertical axis is wrong and I drift uncontrollable when I am in space. And somehow I refuse to use …

Re: Celeron 600 Mhz to slow for Wing CommanderI?

Still no change here. With loadfix -"x" I can get beyond the point of where it crashed before, but I don´t have speech during the entire game. I tried it with lots of loadfix-combinations - no change of that. EMS is set to true, as it was all the time before. When starting without loadfix I do get …

Re: Celeron 600 Mhz to slow for Wing CommanderI?

@Neville: Got to change my signature. I am playing on my mac with dosbox. @wd: Thanks! I think I am very close now. Here is what I found out: loadfix -f C:\wing2\wc2.exe produces a crash of the games at the same place but now with an error message (see attachment). loadfix -32 C:\wing2\wc2.exe YES …

Re: Celeron 600 Mhz to slow for Wing CommanderI?

Hi again, so, I reached Wing Commander II and unfortunately it crashes at the third or fourth mission as I mentioned earlier. I can leave for the flight and engage the autopilot for two times and then the game hangs no matter what I do. That error is reproducable at exactely the same place in the …

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