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Re: Descent 2 and Vdos32

For Glidos, you could stick the GlidosID in a text file on a USB stick to transfer it to your work machine and then bring back the unlock code the same way. Vdos32 will be problematic, but that's rarely used these days because it works only on 32bit versions of Windows.

Re: if(pyl + vdos32) = win

Sadly, vdos32 is a dead project. There seems to be no way to make it work under 64bit versions of Windows, so it is only a few people now who get to use it. When a cpu is running in 32bit mode, there is an on-chip table called the local descriptor table. vdos32 cannot work without access to this and …

Re: Creating textures for TR1

The tool creates an "old-style" texture pack, so you need to check that option in Glidos. Old-style don't use an equiv map. To find out about the new-style texture packs and equiv files etc, search the forum for equiv

Re: Redguard Trouble (Windows 7 64-bit)

It didn't work. I didn't even have any .ini files in my Redguard/sound directory. So I just added the ones you attached. But it crashed again, this time though there was a message box, which said: "Error: Gu3dfGetInfo called" Then it crashed :( That error is Glidos warning that Redguard called a …

Re: Redguard Trouble (Windows 7 64-bit)

I bet that's all down to not having the sound set up incorrectly. I'm not sure if it will work, but here's something worth a try. Look in the directory Redguard\sound and find the files MDI.INI and DIG.INI . Move them somewhere safe, and then replace them with the versions in the archive attached to …

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