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Re: 640x200 4c on regular CGA board possible?

Jo22 wrote on 2023-09-11, 23:15: I wonder if it's possible to have 640x200 in 4 colours on a regular CGA card. If you'd like to play with that concept without modifying a CGA card, the PCjr and Tandy 1000 systems already have that as a supported mode (in the BIOS, no less), as it was introduced …

Re: WD90C11 and AT&T Model 6300 video mode

I've also got an "Olivetti" labled PVGA1 card (related to WD90C00) with Olivetti BIOS.. Maybe this will be useful later on ? Can you try setting mode 40h via int 10h on that card? I have a PVGA1A card in my 286-based AT&T (Olivetti) system and it works with 640x400x2 mode inits. I disassembled the …

Re: CVX-2 : covox adapter

Remember that issue I had where the lack of a pull-up resistor meant the OPL3LPT device didn't work right on some of my systems? Do you think it might be related to this? Also, the PS/2 Model 77 is microchannel; some software might not work correctly on it vs. regular ISA, EISA, VLB, or PCI systems. …

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