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Re: Albion resolution detection?

I don't think there is any possibility to change the resolution of Albion. As there were no graphics or sound APIs in DOS, game designers had to use either their own code or libraries such as Miles Soundsystem or Midas to access hardware. So most likely this file you are talking about is an artifact …

Re: Windows 95 Emulation with DosBox

Stay away from Virtual Box if you want to run full or partial 16bit software. I tried Win98 and it was extremly slow. I think the reason is that Win98 switches back to realmode very often. This seems to be slow as hell. There is an article about the internals of 95/98/Me on "the old new thing" and …

Re: DOSBox 0.73 Discussion

Hal, that's great! You are the true master of gfx cards. I'd be interested in this hacked build of DosBox, but I don't have much time anyway. So I could also wait until this patch will be included in some "Megabuild" or in the CVS. But thanks alot.

Re: DOSBox 0.73 Discussion

Great work, hal. I just thought getting the timing right in Panic was plain impossible, but proved it isnt. (Except for the shadebobs) Have you ever tried Trangression 2? Pouet link: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=672

Re: DOSBox 0.73 Discussion

The high color mode of Trangression 2 by MFX does not work and I doubt it will work in future. Of course some demos which require MMX wont work, too. There are also timing problems with Panic by the Future Crew, which may be fixable by setting the cycles right, allthough I did not get it to work …

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