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Re: What version of Mechwarrior 2?

Who hath awoken me from my slumber with this mech-posting. MW2 DOS will run fine on your win98 P3 (discs are sometimes labelled IBM version) MW2 "Pentium"/Win95 should do also. I'd take leileilol's advisement against using a Voodoo3 for the 3Dfx version. I haven't actually tried that one since 1990- …

Re: System Shock 2

in Windows
dunno, works fine on my athlon in 2000 i installed some patch thing that was meant to give win2k support. shkpatch.exe, it's 5.3meg

Re: Descent runs uncontrollably fast

in DOS
Yeah I was wondering about that... I've been playing Descent lately and I couldn't figure out if it was going faster than it used to or not, so long since I last played it. Keyboard turning was definately sluggish though. I've been playing it with the joystick now though and whether or not this is …

Re: Getting Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries(3dfx Edition)to run

in DOS
Mercs won't run in win95 mode in 2000/XP at all because of some crazy DirectX incompatibility DOS mode will run, but only for certain versions. 1.0, 1.05 and 1.06 will run, 1.1 won't. If you check through the 1.1 readme, it states that it doesn't support DOS. The repeating sounds and wrong sounds …

Win 2K command prompt question(mechwarrior 2)

in DOS
hello, I've been playing around with MechWarrior 2 DOS & win95 versions and came across a bit of a problem I've got win98/win2k dual boot, so I alternate between the two and I noticed today I can't run the 1.1 patch in 2K, which I did successfully install a couple of days ago in Windows 98. I had …

midi in LEC games

Motherboard - Asus A7A266 Processor - athlon 1.2g ram - 512 ddr video - geforce 2 gts, 64m ddr Sound - Aopen AW840(C-media CMI-8738) os - win2k sp3/win98 game - TIE Fighter, X-wing(dos versions) Dark Forces yes i know the sound cards crap... and if it doesn't watch it, its going to end up in the …

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