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Re: Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller

Game itself worked fine for me on max cycles, no stuttering (or at least nothing I can recall), then again I have a rather high end system (Conroe E6600, I had dosbox in mind when I got it, and boy do those DOS games run fine :) ) I guess it's ironic how, in the end, you need a high end system to …

Re: Minor mouse issue with "Armored Fist".

Hmmm, Strike Squad also does this, the mouse sometimes vanishes on 0.70 (it's not playable at all on 0.65), but playing with the cycles setting I fixed it (apparently the mouse blinking is related to cycles chosen...) The solution would probably be to play with the cycles in order to get a "stable" …

Re: Aleshar -The world of Ice cd issues

Googling can also help. This was a shareware game that was made freeware by the designers, it doesn't come on a CD, just shove the directory on a mounted C: drive in dosbox and run Aleshar.exe. There are some graphical issues, but other than that game runs fine at 12,000 cycles. And I'm not smart, …

Re: Aleshar -The world of Ice cd issues

Here's a thought... Maybe it's not a CD so you don't need to mount a CD drive? From the word "downloaded" I can safely make the assumption that if the game did come on a CD, it was probably ripped, and thus you should probably go to the Abandonia forums and ask them on how they got it to run.

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