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Re: Paying $10 for Glidos

When I first read about Glidos I was in the same train of thought - should I pay US$ 10 to run Tomb Raider well on a new system? So I didn't. Later on I bought Redguard and thought - oh, I could get two games running and use Glidos and still pay only US$ 10. But I didn't. Then I ordered a pizza that …

Re: Civ II: Scenarios + Fantasic Worlds ILLEGAL OPERTIONS!!!!

in Windows
I remember asking this at the time on my Windows 98 machine to a tech support representative. Basically what solved the problem was using CTRL+ALT+DEL and closing everything except for Explorer and the other program that makes Windows run (can't recall the name). You will get an illegal operation …

Re: Interstate '76

in Windows
I read on some other forums someone claiming they made it work like this: I used the gold ed. hardware patch found here, set every .exe in the 176 dir to run in Win95 compatibility mode, and it rocks. The patch he mentioned is here: http://www.3dgamers.com/dl/games/interstate76/i76gpat16.exe.html …

I managed to get Dungeon Keeper working under Windows XP

in Windows
I managed to get Dungeon Keeper working under Windows XP. The great thing is that it also works with Deeper Dungeons (expansion pack) and with the Direct3D versions of the games, so here's the scoop: 1) HOW TO INSTALL: Problem: if you try to install it directly, you will face an error message right …

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