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Re: Radio MT-32

I've got something completely different, I've got beatles songs, xmas songs, and George Formby (a 1930's english jazz singer) songs for the roland mt-32...

Semi OT: Adlib emulation

Is there an adlib emulator available that can be used while running windows? Like you can install it as a driver and all of windows and dos's midi functions are going to play in adlib/soundblaster sound?

Roland Mt-32 patch list

I need some help here, I downloaded the MT-32 emulator and roms and it sounds really good but the problem is is that a lot of my midi songs are really incompatable with roland. Can you give me a list of all roland patches with a number next to it like this: 001-Piano...etc It would also help if you …

Egames Pinball Master

in Windows
I know this game isn't a classic, it has been released more recently, but I have a problem, I can play the 3d tables but the 2d tables wont load, I tried setting them for comatibility in Windows XP, but they just load, turn blank and exit in seconds. I have a Compaq Presario S5200NX with Roland …

Re: The Windows 9x PC

I myself have a 1996 Gateway 2000 with a pentium 166, ATI graphics card (good for 96) and soundblaster 16 soundcard, works great on games that run sluggishly on dosbox, but I wish I had a soundblaster pro so that I can play more games on it.

I would like some original Sierra disk images

I would like to test my 486 with some Sierra games, but the problem is, they can't fit on my floppy disks at all, I would like the original disk images zipped, thank you. Here are the games I prefer: King's Quest 5 6 Quest for Glory 1 2 3 Laura Bow 1 2 Thank you guys.

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